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Good day all. Thank you for your efforts at reducing the risk of catastrophic wildfire in our neighborhoods. As a note of interest, the Chair of our county Wildland Committee noted that total wildfire activity for 2022, as of July 19th 2022, is 94% of the entire year of 2011. Total activity is defined as grass fires, light brush alarms and full brush alarms. The number of brush alarms (full and light) in the first half of 2022 compared to the first half of 2011 indicated a 16.8% increase. The brush alarm activity in the first 19 days of the second half of the year is 18% of the entire second half of 2011. For those of y’all not around in 2011, Central Texas experienced it’s worst wildfire season in recent memory, with several homes and lives lost. Please continue to be vigilant and proactive in your efforts to reduce our exposure. Also please let me know if we can perform a non-binding assessment of your wildfire risk at your residence by responding to this post or contacting the station directly at 512/263-7390. Thanks again for all…..Chief Buddy Crain